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School pupil with tennis racket

Sportscape provide a wide range of sporting opportunities to support wrap-around care and to further enhance learning, sporting ability, physical fitness and most importantly the children's love for sport and physical activity .

Sportscape’s extra-curricular clubs give children access to healthy living and the opportunity to try something different in sport, gaining new skills in the process. Schools will enjoy increased retention rates, through our promotion of life-long participation in sport and as a ‘Change for Life’ local supporter, Sportscape’s Clubs provide information on eating well and how important exercise is to general health.

Our unique multi-sports programme is specifically designed for the development of children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 & 2, and allows children to master fundamental skills and develop sports specific techniques in a wide variety of traditional and more diverse sports and activities. 

Whilst our Sport Specific clubs can further develop experienced sports performers or offer an introduction to sports for beginners.

Regardless of age or experience, we provide a programme that caters for all.