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Kids at Fire station

OYM Community Programme

The OYM Community Programme provide a unique opportunity that will enrich the lives of all we deliver to. These courses are run in partnership with schools during holiday periods to engage the hard to reach members within our society. The aim is to provide all children with access to fun educational activities that will support their continued progress through school life. OYM CIC partner with schools to procure funding for these projects that can be fully managed and delivered by our team of experienced facilitators / educators. The project is for 4-12 year olds and supports the growth of a community culture, with the School at the heart of the project.

The OYM Community Programme aids by:

  • Supporting the continued educational development of each and every individual
  • Providing enrichment activities for all to access
  • Providing opportunities for exciting and engaging off site visits to a variety of
  • Inviting parents and volunteers to support the delivery of the project
  • Introducing all to concepts of healthy living and an active lifestyle
  • Supporting the growth and development of key social skills

Some of the exciting activities we deliver include:

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous, Activities including wall climbing, kayaking, orienteering.

Kid Wearing fire helmet

Field trips including fire station tours, farm visits and the use of professional sporting

Kid Cooking

Cooking, Music and Drama activity sessions

Kid Wearing fire helmet

Bush Craft Activities Finding mini-beasts, camp fires, den building


Each day the children are provided with a healthy lunch and drinks throughout the day.

The project also offers individual and community growth through volunteer development to help aid with programme delivery and to support parents, grandparents and older siblings.

These are just a few of the activities we do. We offer a wide variety of activities to engage, enrich and enthuse all, tailoring sessions to meet the specific needs of the individuals attending.

For further information regarding ongoing On Your Marks projects, or if you would like to start a project at your school, please do not hesitate to contact our 'On Your Marks' friendly team. 01270 627079 or