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Team Training

Team Training

During the season Sportscape’s FA Level II & III qualified coaches assist in the development of around 20 football teams in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. Working with single teams through to Community Charter Standard clubs we have great experience in developing teams of all ages.

Our coaches help existing team managers with the technical development of their players throughout the year. This is conducted after extensive analysis of the players and teams, although all sessions are based on learning through fun and enjoyment.

We aim to enhance the sport-specific skills whilst also helping the youngsters develop an understanding of being part of a team.

Each session usually focuses on a key element including:

  • Set plays: attacking and defending free-kicks and corners.
  • Defending: as an individual and a team
  • Attacking: as an individual and a team.
  • Principles of Attacking: Creating space, running with the ball, taking the man on.
  • Possession: Switching play, playing forward, when to play to space, counter attacking.
  • Goalkeeping: Positioning and defending as a unit.

We also run elite coaching for footballers.

Please call 01270 627079 or email for more details.