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Sportscape Schools

In our established history, we have built up a reputation for being the No 1 provider of sports provision to schools and we believe it is important for all of us to ensure our children

get the encouragement and support they need to become involved, and stay involved, with sport and physical activities.

At Sportscape, that’s what we’re all about. We are committed to providing and promoting sports and physical education in the Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire areas.

Sportscape has over 10 years’ experience of working with primary schools to deliver effective PE and school sport, including the Bupa ‘Start to Move’ and Matalan ‘TOP Sport’ programmes.

Sportscape can also help you get more out of the Government’s PE & Sport Premium Funding initiative. Click here to find out how.

Why not use our knowledge to make meeting Ofsted’s demands regarding the Sport Premium funding easy and rewarding for you and for every single child at your school?

How can we help?

By supporting you with your sports provision and helping you develop it over time to improve the quality of sport and PE for every child, leaving a long term positive affect on your school.

PE and school sport are vitally important and make a massive difference to the lives of all children at school.

In addition to the demands of the new PE National Curriculum launched in September 2014 and the Ofsted survey in March 2015 reporting on the impact the new Sport Premium funding has had on schools, Schools are now being assessed for how effectively the money has been spent so it is vital to partner with an organisation committed to working with schools to strengthen sports education by helping them tailor it to the needs of each individual child, and thereby ensure the requirements of the new PE National Curriculum are met.

These are just some of the reasons to work with Sportscape:

  • Maximise your school’s funding, individually or pooled with other schools
  • Make the most of your Sport Premium funding in every single PE lesson
  • Create a structured and purposeful yet fun and safe environment in lessons
  • Use our specialist tool to assess the skills and progression of every child in line with the new curriculum
  • Gain all the learning materials and support your teachers need to plan and deliver the new curriculum effectively
  • Ensure every child is included in all sport sessions
  • Meet the requirements of Ofsted for the new curriculum and Sport Premium funding, including useful tools to track child development in PE, school sport and physical fitness

To discuss how we can help your school make the most of every single PE lesson and all its Sport Premium funding, contact Sportscape on 01270 627079, visit the Contact Us page or email We are happy to offer you a free taster session so you can experience Sportscape’s quality coaching first hand.