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Music PPA cover

Music PPA Cover

Sportscape can now support your teacher’s PPA time or development through a series of fun and practical based, Primary Music Curriculum sessions. Our Music Curriculum delivery inspires children to work together to develop an appreciation of music and to develop the skills to continue making and appraising music long after they have left the classroom.

As well as cross curricular and topic links, our music delivery ensures that children develop a wide range of confidence building skills including:

  • Rhythm and pulse
  • Notation
  • Singing techniques
  • Playing instruments as part of a whole class ensemble
  • Composing
  • Recording and use of technology in music (Key Stage 2)
  • Performing to an audience

All music sessions are supported by fully differentiated lesson plans and schemes of work to ensure that we are delivering to the very highest standards.

We can even further support learning through specially designed breakfast, lunch and after school clubs that focus on Recorders, Guitars, Drums or around music appreciation.

Schools may also benefit from using Sportscape to act as their music coordinators allowing  us to collate all planning and to support in arranging all musical events, such as Christmas plays and leaving assemblies amongst other things. 

Why not support all your PPA needs by using Sportscape for both your Music and Sporting requirements?

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For more information you can contact Sportscape on 01270 627079, visit the Contact Us page or email